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March 15, 2015Legacy 1 Min Read

I love music, whether I'm writing it or playing it ( mainly keyboard and guitar ) I also enjoy singing it ( those who know me well are aware…

Super Logic Grid! (Win32)

June 17, 2006GameDev / Legacy 1 Min Read

I've always been a fan of logic grid puzzles, but I never came across a video game that emulated it well. This was my attempt to do so, but…

Card Game Engine (Win32)

July 04, 2003Legacy 1 Min Read

Back in 2003, I had an idea for a strategy-based space-themed card game. I wanted to playtest it originally with a paper prototype, but due…

3D Donut Slicer (Win32)

August 17, 2002Legacy 1 Min Read

This project all started innocently enough with the following brain teaser: The goal is to find the maximum possible number of pieces…

Cube Slide Match (Win32)

July 10, 2001Legacy 1 Min Read

This is just a small Direct3D demo written as an experiment to see whether playing a 3D version of a sliding block puzzle would be fun.

G-Man (Win32)

April 01, 2001Legacy 1 Min Read

A tag-based note keeping utility I wrote to facilitate fast and easy data entry/retrieval. This was originally written as a simple command…

Seek N Show (Win32)

August 08, 2000Legacy / WebDev 1 Min Read

A multi-threaded intelligent agent app which simplifies the task of collecting public corporation information from the web. It…

Paper Rock Scissors 2000 (Win32)

July 15, 2000GameDev / Legacy 2 Min Read

I had a wonderful time making this game! The idea for Paper Rock Scissors 2000 came to me one day while I was trying to imagine a strategy…

Gorch's Quest (Win32)

June 09, 2000GameDev / Legacy 1 Min Read

Gorch’s Quest is a tile-based space adventure game inspired by Legend of Zelda. You are the young hero, Gorch, who must save his planet from…

Ocean95 (Win32)

July 01, 1998Legacy 1 Min Read

Ocean95 is a pseudo-life simulation app. The operator may customize an ocean and monitor the interaction between fish, sharks, and plankton…

A.S.I.M.O.V. (Win32)

May 11, 1998Legacy 1 Min Read

A.S.I.M.O.V. (Automated Stellar Image Mapping and Object Visualization) is a proof-of-concept expert system I created that imports bitmaps…

Galactic Gorch II

May 01, 1995GameDev / Legacy 1 Min Read

Your home planet Zardoff has been invaded by the evil overlord Vexx and your citizens depend on you to protect them. To win the game, you…

Jurassic Park: Text Adventure (BBS)

August 01, 1993GameDev / Legacy 1 Min Read

After reading Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park novel, I felt inspired to try and capture the experience with my own game. To give you a bit…